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Jeffrey Sklan

Attorney Jeffrey Sklan has been a resident of the greater Los Angeles area since he moved here from South Florida to attend UCLA. Serious about his studies, he worked hard and graduated in three years with a political science degree. Not wanting to leave the West Coast, he decided to attend the Law School at Santa Clara University, the state’s oldest institution of higher education. After his first year of studies, he was offered an academic scholarship to their business school, and wanting to take advantage of any and all learning opportunities, he asked for and was granted a leave of absence from the law school. He completed his MBA in 1977 and resumed his legal studies. He graduated from law school in 1979 and was admitted to the bar later that year. Attorney Sklan is licensed to practice law in the Northern, Central and Southern Federal District Courts and also the Federal Tax Court.

His work experience includes working for his father’s accountancy practice prior to moving to California, and working as a commercial real estate loan officer at Bank of America while he was in law school. Following his graduation, he opened his own practice in 1980 and continued working with many of the clients who he knew from his banking days.

He’s done work for clients in various capacities including becoming the general counsel for a regional construction firm and overseeing the daily operations for seven corporations for a year. He’s done transactional work in places including India, the Far East and Europe for a variety of clients.

Attorney Jeffrey Sklan has developed a reputation for being able to think creatively while still paying meticulous attention to detail. He’s able to resolve complicated problems effectively, both in terms of the relationship of the parties involved and the costs that are spent. When settlement’s can’t be resolved in a boardroom type setting, he’s comfortable moving to the courtroom to aggressively defend his clients and he fights tirelessly to get them the results they deserve.

When you need an aggressive attorney to defend your criminal case, help with family law issues or get a troublesome tenet evicted, you need to contact Attorney Jeffrey Sklan. He’s available to consult with you, free of charge, when you call and make an appointment to discuss your current sitation. Contact him today so you can get your legal matters taken care of now.

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