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Jeffrey Sklan is a man of his word

Jeffrey handled both of my DUI cases and he did a tremendous job at it. He always kept me informed with everything that was going on and he made sure I took the proper precautions. I was referred to him by a friend and I would definitely recommend him to anyone else. He handled both my cases professionally and adequately.

- (5 star review)

Jeffery F Sklan is a man of his word and makes sure you are treated fair in court.

I have dealt with about 4 attorneys for both cases and in both criminal and divorce none of the other attorneys were looking out for my best interest. Attorney Jeffrey Sklan, along with his secretary Delyn Spiers were the only ones who looked out for my best interest and made sure I was treated fair. I highly recommend Attorney Jeffrey Sklan for your divorce or criminal needs. Every time I called with a question or concern about my case Miss Spiers would answer my questions and if she could not my Attorney Mr. Sklan would call me when he got to the office. My case is somewhat complex and I have turned in alot of documents that I know my previous attorneys would just put them in a file and forget about them. I knew that because when that part of the case come up all my previous attorneys would ask me if I had any documents to support what I am saying. If my previous attorneys would read what I gave them they should have known they already had the documentation. It was different with Attorney Sklan and Miss Spier. With them they would say I have already given them the document and that would tell me they read it. Also if I met with them they would already know what happened in the past, that lead to the situation I was in. On one of my hearings Attorney Sklan could of send another Attorney from his office but instead he knew how important this hearing was to me that he changed his anniversary plans so he can be at that hearing and I have yet to see or hear of another attorney do the same. Unless your famous or wealthy that does not happen.

- (5 star review)

“Lifesaver” doesnt even do it justice. Stop reading and call Jeffrey if you need help

I had an unfortunate event where I was charged with a DUI but was under the legal limit on the test at the station. I hired an attorney without doing the right research. I got very little information from the attorney and was shocked when she called me and told me she negotiated a deal which included 72 hours in jail for me and some probation and I needed to get on a plane the next week and fly to California to go to court. She said this was the only option.
It didn’t seem right to me for the charge. I was at the end of my rope contemplating going to jail. I didn’t know where to turn. Someone referred me to Jeffrey and within 5 minutes on a call with him he explained all of the options and what I should be asking for.
He walked me through how to instruct my attorney to get me to a charge of reckless driving that requires no jail time and has no negative impact on my insurance or life.
Words cannot describe how grateful I am to him for his time, intelligence and insight. He would check in with me daily and was really made a huge difference in the resolution of my case.

If you are reading this, you are probably in need of an attorney. Stop reading and call this man now. You will not regret it at all. I will forever be indebted to him for swooping in at the last hour and saving my life.

- (5 star review)

What an ANGEL!

I work in the same building as Jeffrey Sklan and have always known him to be a warm and friendly person. One day before leaving I was waiting at the elevator and he jokingly said ‘Stay out of trouble’ and I laughed and agreed. He must be a psychic Lawyer too, because that very weekend, my Slumlord came over unannounced to my apartment and pressured her way in, then proceeded to tell me and my Husband that ‘we complain too much and she was going to evict us’ among other insults. We had habitability issues and knew our rights, so I asked Jeffrey for help. He did not hesitate to refer me to a wonderful colleague of his, Ray Hovsepian, who met with us and wound up representing us. We are VERY grateful to Ray and Jeffrey since we have just come to an agreement (which we wanted) and don’t have to pay our Slumlords anything else and do not owe them anything from the past few months. We get to move out in peace and have the maximum time granted from the Court to do so. My Husband cried tears of joy and I was in shock, but after months of agony it has been resolved! This has been such a stressful time, but we are elated to have justice and take down the Slumlord thanks to Ray and Jeffrey’s help. They are BOTH Angels as far as we are concerned. It’s the best Christmas present ever, since I have had many Slumlords in the past and lost since I could not find or afford a Lawyer to help me. This time winning is an incredible feeling and we owe it to them and of course our overwhelming evidence which they helped us present. THANK YOU so much!! JUSTICE is our gift this Christmas! ๐Ÿ™‚

- (5 star review)

Jeffrey helped me win custody of my baby

I was in a terrible situation. My son is the biological father and he has a DUI. The biological mother has taken the baby that has always lived with us and been cared for by us. The mother is a drug addict with rights. I have no rights. This whole scene is being played out in dependency court. I feel helpless. I have worked with quite a few attorneys regarding union and worker rights issues not this I was lost. I was then referred to Jeffrey Sklan. I was sent an Angel to help me. He made sense of the nonsense. Found the rights. My son has rights! Wow! Where everyone said that it all went to the mom he proved my son was a better fit. He knows the law. He has skill. He knows what he is doing. The baby still lives with us. Jeffrey will always be that special someone in our hearts.
I will and do highly recommend Jeffrey Sklan.

- (5 star review)


Jeffrey is a wonderful man, since day one he made me and my family feel comfortable and that we were able to trust him. My brother was being accused of first degree murder and this was this first time that my family and I went through having a loved one incarcerated for such a horrible crime. We did not know what to expect of everything that was going to come our way. But Jeffrey was very good at explaining the whole process and breaking it down for me and my family. He had a lot of patience with me because I would call him or text him to find out what was new. Jeffrey was there any time I needed my spirits to be lifted he always knew the right words to say. He was always on top of everything and did everything in a timely manner. He knew what evidence to use in his favor to get the cased dismissed. I told him that I wanted my brother out with time served and no felony. He gave me what I asked for. He was worth every cent that we paid for because he brought my brother home back to his family in eight months. There are not enough words to explain or express what Jeffrey Sklan did for my family and how much of a great man he is. I thank God for putting him in our path and for giving him all the knowledge he has.

- (5 star review)

Awesome Job

Awesome services offered by Mr. Sklan and his staff. Kept me updated through out the case and always answered any concerns. Never had a court case go this smooth, Thank you for all your help

- (5 star review)

My Case Was Dismissed thanks to Jeffrey Sklan and Associates

Jeffrey is an outstanding criminal defense lawyer who will stop at nothing to defend his client’s rights. I highly recommend Jeffrey for anyone facing serious criminal charges.

- (5 star review)

Jeffrey Sklan was a God send

Jeffery came in to help me extend a Restraining Order to protect my 4-year-old son and me from my ex-husband’s threats of kidnapping and on-going violence. I have been fighting for my son’s safety for four years and have been through three other lawyers.

He is the first one who had actually listened and cared about doing “what is right.” and not the money. He also is amazing in court and is a very straight forward and honest person. The whole time reassuring me and keeping me informed.

Thanks to him, I was able to get a permanent restraining order for five years and protect me and my entire family. It is the first time that I can actually breathe .

I recommend him with a whole heart and am extremely grateful to have him on my side.

- (5 star review)

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