Successful Criminal Defense

After being charged with a crime, the first step you should take is to get in touch with a trusted legal representative. The right lawyer can completely change the outcome of your case by obtaining a reduced sentence or even securing dropped charges. If you are currently facing criminal charges, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Law Offices of Jeffrey Sklan. There, you will receive high-quality legal defense from one of the Beverly Hills area’s most respected criminal attorneys.

 Types Of Criminal Charges Handled By Jeffrey Sklan

Jeffrey Sklan works with individuals accused of committing a wide array of crimes. These include lifestyle matters related to recreational drug use, as well as more serious charges involving violent crimes, driving under the influence of alcohol, vehicular manslaughter, rape, homicide and murder. A compassionate attorney, Jeffrey Sklan believes that all of his clients deserve high-quality representation, no matter the nature of the criminal charges they are currently facing. Whether you are dealing with misdemeanor or felony charges, you can count on Jeffrey Sklan to serve as a loyal advocate both in and out of the courtroom.

The Repercussions Of A Criminal Record

Criminal charges hold the potential to completely tear apart one’s life. If found guilty, the accused individual may face significant fines, required participation in rehabilitation programs or even time behind bars. The consequences do not end after the sentence has been completed; long-term repercussions could include difficult securing housing and employment, as well as a damaged reputation in the community at large. These and other problems can be avoided through the pursuit of dropped charges — a resolution that can be achieved with the help of a criminal defense attorney such as Jeffrey Sklan.

 The Law Offices Of Jeffrey Sklan: Your Go-To Resource For Successful Criminal Defense

If you have been accused of committing a crime and require legal representation from a compassionate criminal attorney, you are encouraged to get in touch with Jeffrey Sklan. Call for a no-cost meeting, at which time you can discuss bail and other issues related to your current situation. Jeffrey Sklan will patiently listen to your concerns during your initial consult, from there telling you what you need to hear, as opposed to what you want to hear. His insistence on open and honest communication translates into improved results in the courtroom. For the ultimate in criminal defense, look to the Law Offices of Jeffrey Sklan.

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