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Since 1979 Attorney Jeffrey Sklan has been helping residents of the greater Los Angles area with their criminal defense cases, family law issues and landlord tenant matters. With thousands of satisfied clients, Attorney Sklan understands what it takes to get all the evidence, negotiate and, when necessary, go to court to get the results that clients desire and deserve.

Criminal Defense

Attorney Sklan handles a vast array of matters including felony and misdemeanor charges, violent and serious crimes, DUI and traffic crimes, sex crimes and lifestyle crimes including recreational drug use and sex matters. Contact us as soon as you are accused of a crime so that we can protect you and ensure that your legal rights are upheld.

Family Law

Whether you have a new case or an old one that needs revisiting, Attorney Jeffrey Sklan is ready to help. Throughout his 36 years as a lawyer, he has seen a huge change in family law and the courts as well. Often times one party will make false accusations to take advantage of the other party. There may be any number of reasons for doing this, but Attorney Sklan does not tolerate it. He gets to the bottom of the issue to prove, when necessary, that the other party is lying. He aims to get you a fair outcome for your divorce, custody, child support, division of property or alimony case.

Landlord Tenant Relationships and Eviction Matters

What do you do when you have a troublesome tenant who refuses to obey their contract or is late on their rent payments? Contact Attorney Jeffrey Sklan! He has a great track record of evicting troublesome tenants, spanning 30 years back to our first property management client who hired us to help get his troubled building back on the right track. Now more than 7000 evictions later, we are highly respected in the industry and sought after by property managers and landlords all around the City and County of Los Angeles.

Attorney Sklan is committed to helping you with your legal issues. To best help the greatest number of people, his practice is limited to these three areas. However he may be able to refer you to a colleague if he is unable to meet the needs of your case. To find out if he is a good fit for your legal matters you can set up a free initial consultation with him today!

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